Equality Act 2010 – Equality & Human Rights

When the Equality Act 2010 received Royal Assent it was a moment to celebrate. However, getting the legislation onto the statute books was not
an end in itself. What matters is that it should lead to real change: more responsible behaviour from companies, more thoughtful planning of public services and, above all, greater confidence that people will be treated fairly as they go about their everyday lives.

That is why the Equality and Human Rights Commission have published this guidance that gives individuals, businesses, employers and public authorities the information they need to understand the Act, exercise their rights, and meet their responsibilities.

The guidance comes in two separate forms. The non-statutory guidance, available separately, is designed to be a first port of call for everyone who has an interest in equality. It is intended to be practical and accessible.
This document is a Statutory Code of Practice. This is the authoritative, comprehensive and technical guide to the detail of law. It will be invaluable to lawyers, advocates, human resources personnel, courts and tribunals, everyone who needs to understand the law in depth, or to apply it in practice.

Please Note: This guide was created by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and is freely available from them directly, and is being reshared by All Formats for informational and guidance purposes only. All copyrights remain with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, All Formats can take no responsibility for the information provided in this document.

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