Equality Act 2010 – Summary Guide to Your Rights

The Equality Act 2010 simplifies the laws around race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, religion or beliefs, age and more, and puts them all together in one piece of legislation. In some areas it makes the law stronger. So depending on your circumstances, the Equality Act 2010 may protect you more.

In this factsheet, we tell you about some of the most important points in the Equality Act. However, this factsheet doesn’t cover all your rights. Get advice if you think you’re being discriminated against, even if we don’t cover your situation here.

Please Note: This guide was created by the Government Equalities Office and is freely available from them directly, and is being reshared by All Formats for informational and guidance purposes only. All copyrights remain with the Government Equalities Office, All Formats can take no responsibility for the information provided in this document.

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