A New Year, A New Building

All Formats are happy to announce that they are ready to move into their new building.

Monday, 13 February 2023


All Formats are happy to announce that they have moved into their new building.

The building, still on the protected Queen Alexandra College site, has been purposely developed to meet the unique needs of an accessible format print company. The extra space, and the added security, will benefit not only the All Format clients, but the staff members as well.

Simon Oakley, All Formats manager, says: “Anyone who visited our old premises will understand when I say we were a little cramped!

“However now, we have some more space to develop our processes and give us added capacity.

“This has been something we have worked on for some time, and with the support of the college and the board, we have been very lucky to be able to do this and stay on the same site.”

The building has a new purpose-built server room, and many new security additions.

This should reassure All Formats customers that they are serious and determined to constantly improve the security aspects of the work that is carried out by the All Formats team.

“We are looking forward to having our clients’ auditors coming round.” said Simon, “It always helps us with our continuous development and improvement programmes and is essential for any company producing information as we do”.

The new network, new equipment knew security systems and the development of the building has been quite an investment by the college’s board.

This development assures a bright future for all formats and the team working with them and we look forward to sharing this with our clients on speaking with them about future work developments to fill our added capacity.