Braille is a powerful media format that allows you to reach a wider audience, making your information and products accessible to all.

The Equality Act 2010 states that all organisations should be able to produce documentation in alternative formats, including braille if requested.

All Formats is a sponsoring member of UKAAF, the UK Association for Accessible Formats. We use their standards as a minimum, meaning that the Braille we produce is in UEB and conforms to current conventions.


Braille is a specialised, tactile communication form, primarily used for people who are registered blind, and is essential for developing literacy, particularly within education settings.

Our highly skilled team is able to reformat and convert almost any standard document into braille.

This means we can ensure that the information is produced to the highest standards and accurately proofread at the output stage, giving you peace of mind that your braille documents have been produced to a high-quality standard.

If you recognise the importance of producing quality printed information for customers, allow us to support you with our quality braille production. All of your clients deserve an equal amount of care and presentation in what they receive.