Companies that offer large print format alternatives for their standard documents and information are truly able to reach wider audiences and offer high standards of customer care.

The Equality Act 2010 states that all organisations should be able to produce documentation in alternative formats, including large print if requested.

At All Formats, we truly believe in offering equal access to information for those who are partially sighted, blind, or have other print impairments, which is why we have years of experience in creating professional high-quality large print productions. Our large print transcription is produced to guidelines set by UKAAF, the UK Association for Accessible Formats, of which we are a sponsoring member.


Our large print production process includes reformatting the standard print document to achieve high standards of accessibility to your customers.

We provide high-quality print, that matches the expected industry standards, as well as a variety of binding and packaging options.

All Formats’ specialism in producing Large Print means we can support your business meet your customers’ needs in making their information and services accessible – without hassle or compromise.

We want to support your organisation’s current products and services, and provide your customers with high-quality, wide-reaching accessible Large Print solutions.