Our audio transcription services allow you to reach a much wider audience, including blind and partially sighted people, as well as those with learning difficulties and other disabilities.

The Equality Act 2010 states that all organisations should be able to produce documentation in alternative formats, including audio if requested.

All Formats is an experienced specialist when it comes to audio production, creating transcriptions as MP3, or .wav files, and delivering them either electronically or on media of your choice such as CD, along with supporting CD printing, to match any standard print documents, or to suit your requirements. Our audio transcription is produced to guidelines set by UKAAF, the UK Association for Accessible Formats, of which we are a sponsoring member.


We offer a range of options for audio transcriptions, from our cost-effective high quality, synthetic voice audio, which is ideal for billing, direct mailings or terms and conditions, to human voice productions, which are better suited for content where you want to convey expressions and emotions, such as in promotional material or newsletters.

Whether you choose synthetic or human voice audio, All Formats is on hand to offer guidance throughout the process. We conduct our audio services with a robust proofing process to ensure our expected high quality is achieved every single time.

All Formats can support you in reaching a wider audience with our audio transcription services, ideal for your customers whatever their individual format requirements.